About Us

Oncology Hematology Associates (OHA) is staffed by an experienced multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to patient care. We provide expert care to our patients while respecting their dignity and life choices. We offer state-of-the-art oncology and hematology care throughout the region to all patients. We understand the difficult journey that our patients and their families face while battling cancer and blood disorders. Our patients take comfort in knowing that we have been serving the region since 1979, providing exceptional medical expertise, genuine compassion and unwavering emotional support.

Cancer treatment can be intense and span over many years – requiring regular physician visits for chemotherapy and follow-up care – which is why it is critical for patients to obtain personalized care from a community oncology practice close to home. Keeping patients close to their homes, families and support networks lessens these burdens. At OHA, we provide exceptional care and strive to provide the best possible patient experience.

Here are five reasons why a community oncology practice like OHA is your best choice for cancer care.

Personalized Care – Treatment is customized for the individual patient.
Convenient Location – Community oncology practices are located in the communities close to where you and your caregivers live and work.
Care for the Whole Patient – OHA offers cancer treatment, care management services, nutrition and other options to help treat the whole person.
Cutting-edge Care – Patients deserve access to the latest advances and innovations in cancer treatment.
Affordable Care – Patient care delivered in the community oncology setting is proven to be significantly less than in a hospital setting.

Mission Statement

To remain a strong, cohesive, independent medical group while providing leading-edge cancer and blood disorder (oncology-hematology) care and treatments to patients throughout the region. To ensure effective response to future changes in the national healthcare delivery system. To remain fiscally sound and independently owned. To encourage personal and professional growth of individual physicians and staff. To remain dedicated to the care of our patients and to respect their dignity and life choices. To improve access to high-quality, specialty care by establishing new satellite clinics. To further advance the treatment of oncology and hematology patients by expanding patient opportunities to participate in clinical research trials.

Our Passion is YOUR Life